A bit of blurb

'The Rulers of the Root are, if not grizzled, at least able to recall when pubs were shut on Sundays and buying music meant a trip into town on the weekend.' (Paul Kerr aka Blabber'n'Smoke)  You might not have seen them before, but if you have, you will most definitely remember them.  Gravelly voiced songwriter Patrick Gillies conjures up extraordinary visions from the darkest crevices of his mind.  The songs on the band's two albums 'Porky Dreams' and 'This Sugar Tit Life' are at times tormented, funky, surreal, funny and romantic - stories of life, loss, madness and longing.  The Rulers are a brilliant live five-piece band blasting out songs that will get you thinking and grooving. 

Ongoing stuff

The Rulers are currently working on their 3rd Album Lizard Age.  Watch this space...

The Rulers of the Root are:

Patrick Gillies - Vocals/Guitar

David Wells - Lead Guitar

Stewart Moffat - Bass

Joe Dorje - Drums

Gordon Gibb - Keyboard & Harmonica



Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 07443650122